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My name is Jackson Romie.

I am a computer engineering student at the University of Cincinnati, and this is my outlet.

To me, photography is a way for our eyes to access an invisible and physically inaccessible world. Two eyes grant us visual access to our 3-dimensional physical world. My camera is my third eye, which opens the gate to the fourth dimension—time. Not only does my camera allow me to access time, it allows me to use it to manipulate a photograph. More time used to compose a photograph will likely result in an image much different than an equally-exposed image composed over a much shorter time frame. That is what makes every photograph different, and what opens an infinite window of opportunity for me to capture something remarkable using my camera as a third eye. I dig the thought of that.

Please, feel free to email me if you have a comment or question regarding one or more of my pictures, or photography in general.


Further dimensions are explored through the lens of a camera...




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Light Brush

Stuff that I do that I think is unique to my own creativity.

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